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MF8 Sokoban Competition Rules

(For 14th competition and beyond)

    Solution Submitting

  1. Each competition will last for about 3 weeks. Deadline for submitting solutions will be specified in the competition thread at MF8 forum (
  2. Players should submit their solutions through the online submission page (
  3. Players should solve the competition level on their own, no collaboration or discussion is allowed.
  4. Any Sokoban program/software could be used for the competition.


  5. Solutions will be ranked by the number of moves, the number of pushes and the time of submission.
  6. For the minimum move ranking, players with fewer number of moves will be ranked in higher position. If more than one player achieved the same number of moves, the one with a fewer number of pushes will be ranked higher. If more than one player achieved both the same number of moves and pushes, the one with the earlier submission time will be ranked higher. Minimum Move Champion (MMC) will be the player who ranked No. 1.
  7. Minimum push ranking is done similarly, by comparing the number of pushes, then the number of moves, and then the time of submission. Minimum Push Champion (MPC) will be the player who ranked No. 1.

    Champions and Lucky Player

  8. For each competition, we will have two Champions, the MMC and the MPC. If both MMC and MPC are the same player, the other Champion will be the player who ranked No. 2 in the minimum move ranking.
  9. A Lucky Player will also be selected for each competition. Champions will not be on the Lucky Player selection list.
  10. Lucky Player is decided by the following way:
    a. A lucky number 'L' is selected by the moderator before the competition begins.
    b. When the competition ends, the players ranked No. 1. in the minimum move ranking will get 20 points, No. 2. will get 19 points and so on. The player ranked No. 1. in the minimum push ranking will get 19.5 points, No. 2 will get 18.5 points and so on. At most, 40 players will get points.
    c. Other than the Champions, all the players who get points will on the Lucky Player selection list. If we have 'N' candidates, they will be indexed from 0 to N-1. The index is ordered based on the total points of the players. The candidate with highest points will be indexed 0.
    d. Let R=L%N (in other words, R is the remainder of L divided by N). The candidate ranks 'R' will the the lucky player.


  11. Each of the two Champions and the Lucky Player will be awarded a 3x3x3 cube by our sponsor. Since our current sponsor is from mainland China, Champions and Lucky Player outside mainland China, if they choose to receive the prize, would need to pay for the shipping and handling of the prize.